M.A.P. Framework

The M.A.P. framework outlines an approach to improve blood pressure control by highlighting three key areas of focus. The framework allows you to select the strategies and tools that best fit the needs of your practice.

Target: BP provides best practices and standardized processes of the M.A.P. framework, including supporting materials to move toward controlled blood pressure within your patient population.

  • 1. MEASURE blood pressure accurately, every time it’s measured.

    Proper measurement is critical to controlling blood pressure. Each practice should build a protocol to ensure accuracy of blood pressure readings.

  • 2. ACT rapidly to address high blood pressure readings.

    The M.A.P. framework requires rapid action during a patient visit to address any problems. This step prioritizes follow-up appointments and a clear treatment plan to help patients achieve blood pressure control.

  • 3. PARTNER with patients, families and communities to promote self-management.

    The power to change one’s health begins in the health care office, but real change comes when patients take ownership of their health. Engaging your patients, their families and communities helps promote sustainable lifestyle change, thus supporting the improvement of overall health.

The tools and resources developed by Target: BP utilize this framework and are organized to help you access those most relevant for implementing your improvement plan. Take a moment to view the resources.