Target: BP Participation

Thank you for your interest in participating in Target: BP. We are excited to move to a new and improved data submission process. In order to guide you to the correct location, please review the options below and select the option that applies to your situation.

New to Target: BP?

I am a new organization and would like to sign up to participate and submit data for the Recognition Program.
You need to complete the registration form.

My organization might be registered

I would like to sign up to participate and submit data, BUT I am not sure if my organization is already registered.
Please contact us and we can check if your organization is already registered.

I am a Target: BP participant

I have submitted data and/or have already signed up to participate in the Recognition Program.
In early February you, or the person who is registered to submit data, will receive an email from the new data platform requesting account activation. If this email is not received by February 10, please contact us. Organizations can submit 2018 data through May 31, 2019.