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CME COURSE: Measuring Blood Pressure Accurately – Step 1 in Hypertension Control

Last Modified December 20, 2022
Audience Healthcare Professionals |
Topics Measure Accurately |
Resource Type Video / Webinar | Weblink
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Activity has been approved for CME/CE credit
Webinar was recorded:
September 30, 2020

Hear from clinical experts from the American Medical Association:

  • Kate Kirley, MD, MS, FAAFP, AMA, Director, Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Linda Murakami, RN, BSN, MSHA, AMA, Senior Program Manager
  • Taylor Turner, RN, BSN, AMA, Improvement Advisor

This one-hour webinar will train physicians and other care team members registered for the AHA/AMA joint Target: BP™ initiative, on the “Measure Accurately” component M.A.P. Framework. M.A.P. stands for Measure Accurately, Act Rapidly, and Partner with Patients, Families and Communities.

Blood pressure variability, poor blood pressure measurement technique and white-coat effect contribute to uncertainty about what a patient’s true blood pressure is.  This uncertainty about the reliability of a patient’s blood pressure reading is a leading cause of clinicians failing to act to manage high blood pressure (therapeutic inertia). 

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