Implement SMBP

Implement SMBP

Ready to launch a self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) monitoring program within your medical practice?

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Getting Prepared

These recommendations will help you prepare for a successful SMBP program.


  • Include at least 1 physician and health care team at your office.
  • If multiple physicians will participate, designate a physician champion to learn about the program and help colleagues succeed.


  • For each physician participating, budget for 2 to 3 SMBP loaner devices (approximately $75 each) for patients who are unable or unwilling to purchase one themselves.


  • Plan for an hour to train your staff on implementing the program in your practice.
  • Each patient identified for SMBP will need 5 to 6 minutes of education and training by an MA or RN.
  • After each patient completes a week of SMBP for either diagnosis of hypertension or assessment of blood pressure control, allow 5 minutes for staff to calculate the SMBP average and enter the data into the patient’s medical record. Add an additional 5 minutes if a loaner device needs to be prepared for another patient.
    Use the device inventory and management guide
“Self-monitored blood pressure outside the physician’s office can help confirm a diagnosis and help manage the condition long-term.”