Loaning Out Devices

Loaning Out Devices

Ensure every patient who needs a blood pressure device has access to one.

Man holding a blood pressure device

There will always be patients who meet the criteria for participating in an SMBP program but cannot afford to purchase a device. An SMBP device loaner program provides an option for these patients, as well as for those who prefer not to purchase a device because they have yet to receive a hypertension diagnosis. Patients with an existing diagnosis of hypertension should be encouraged to purchase their own SMBP device.

Purchasing Devices

Purchase 2 to 3 devices for each physician who will be using SMBP. Because variable sized cuffs will fit the majority of patients with small-to-large arms, these types of devices will cover most of your needs. For the 8 to 10% of patients that require a larger size, XL cuffs made for your loaner devices should also be purchased. However, some XL cuffs require stronger motors, so you may need to purchase a separate device exclusively for use with this cuff size.

Recommended device features

Each device should have the following features:

  • Automatic inflation functionality.
  • Upper arm cuff (unless the patient’s arm circumference is too large—in which case, use of a wrist device with proper technique is acceptable).
  • Large screen for patients with poor eyesight.
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity to allow patients to synchronize with other devices.
  • Date and time stamp for review of readings.
  • Memory to store at least 30 BP readings.
  • Ability to average 2 to 3 blood pressure readings taken over 10 minutes or less if possible.
  • Clinically validated device tested for accuracy

To get accurate readings, make sure to select the right cuff size.

Managing Devices

Various guides are available to help manage your devices, including storing and cleaning. Device Inventory & Management

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