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Ensure every patient who needs a blood pressure device has access to one.


Ensure every patient who needs a blood pressure device has access to one.

Man holding a blood pressure device

There will always be patients who meet the criteria for participating in an SMBP program but cannot afford to purchase a device. An SMBP device loaner program provides an option for these patients, as well as for those who prefer not to purchase a device because they have yet to receive a hypertension diagnosis. Patients with an existing diagnosis of hypertension should be encouraged to purchase their own SMBP device.

Purchasing Devices

Purchase 2 to 3 devices for each physician who will be using SMBP. Because variable sized cuffs will fit the majority of patients with small-to-large arms, these types of devices will cover most of your needs. For the 8 to 10% of patients that require a larger size, XL cuffs made for your loaner devices should also be purchased. However, some XL cuffs require stronger motors, so you may need to purchase a separate device exclusively for use with this cuff size.

Recommended device features

Each device should have the following features:

  • Automatic inflation functionality.
  • Large screen for patients with poor eyesight.
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity to allow patients to synchronize with other devices.
  • Date and time stamp for review of readings.
  • Memory to store at least 30 BP readings.
  • Ability to average 2 to 3 blood pressure readings taken over 10 minutes or less if possible.

Managing Devices

Getting Prepared

Loaning Out Devices

Selecting a Cuff Size

Training Patients

Collecting Data

Managing Your Devices

“The guideline recommends using an automatic, clinically validated monitor that stores readings.”

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