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About us

Target: BP™ is a national initiative

created by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) in response to the high prevalence of uncontrolled blood pressure (BP). Committed to advancing health equity, we support health care organizations and communities to improve blood pressure control for the patients they serve with the latest scientific evidence from AHA, AMA, and other experts.

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We leverage AHA science and the AMA MAP™ framework to help care teams organize their approach to providing evidence-based care. The framework includes Measure Accurately, Act Rapidly and Partner with Patients.

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We assist and support health care organizations in their journeys to improve and sustain BP control with professional education, practice tools, and resources, including support through AHA and AMA quality improvement programs.

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We recognize health care organizations annually with achievement awards by celebrating those that have committed to improvement, adopted evidence-based BP activities, and achieved BP control rates ≥ 70% with the patients they serve.

Explore Your Support Options

Quality improvement is a journey. We recognize that health care organizations have dynamic needs, preferences, and capacities to prioritize and focus on hypertension control. Below you will find several options that could be pursued alone or in combination to best meet the needs of your organization.

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The Target: BP website provides step-by-step guidance.

  • Practice assessment
    Self-evaluate your current processes and outcomes.
  • Professional education
    Strengthen your team’s knowledge and skills with live and on-demand educational events.
  • Tools and resources
    Support practice improvement and patient education using downloadable materials.
  • Award achievement
    Submit self-reported control rate and practice attestation data annually to earn awards, assess your annual progress, and compare your performance to external benchmarks.

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AHA’s team will meet you where you are with national connections and local insights to support your commitment to BP control. AHA’s support includes:

  • AHA hypertension science and resources
    Navigate national and local resources that align with your needs with AHA staff support.
  • Data Insights and metrics
    Connect to AHA’s registry ecosystem for added metrics and data insights. Track your progress over time, filter populations to uncover trends, and benchmark your progress with other organizations.
  • 1:1 quality support
    Work with dedicated staff to review insights and metrics and facilitate quality improvement activities.
  • Peer-to-peer and group learning activities 
    Explore opportunities to learn the evidence, share challenges, navigate practice solutions, and be supported by AHA QI staff.
  • Local community connections
    Create sustainable changes with clinic to community linkages and local resources facilitated by AHA Community Impact staff. 

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AMA MAP™ Hypertension QI Program provides a clear path to significant, sustained improvements in blood pressure control. The program has demonstrated results of a 10-percentage point increase in BP control rates in as few as six months with sustained results at one year. AMA’s support includes:

  • Evidence-based approach 
    Implement strategies and action steps to help clinical care teams determine which team-based approaches will help patients achieve better blood pressure control
  • Data and metrics
    Use dashboards and reports to track individual patient progress and provide insights at the provider, site, or system level.
  • Hypertension & QI experts:
    Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of clinical, QI, and implementation experts for peer-to-peer coaching.
  • Population health and quality focus
    Support can be tailored to advance improvement and performance priorities.

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