Training Patients

Training Patients

Use these steps to quickly train patients on how to take their blood pressure outside of the clinical setting.

Doctor training patients

Identify Trainers

To support your patient training program, identify medical staff who can take responsibility for training and educating patients. Aim to identify at least 1 medical assistant as a trainer per clinician—plus a minimum of 1 floater MA/RN trainer for a practice.

Train the Trainers

Conduct a training session for staff who will be educating patients. These “train the trainers” sessions should take about 1 hour.

For additional support, watch this short educational video that helps train care teams and patients on how to properly self-measure blood pressure.

SMPB Training Video preview

Document Results

After each “train the trainers” session, document any questions or issues raised by trainees and update your training materials to ensure all staff are fully prepared to educate patients on SMBP.

Patient Training Guide

There are important steps patients need to take to accurately measure their blood pressure. It is helpful to communicate these steps face-to-face so you can demonstrate how to use the blood pressure device, how to accurately measure blood pressure (PDF) and how to use the blood pressure recording log (PDF).

Use our Patient Training Checklist (PDF) to make sure you have covered all the important steps.

“It is important to communicate verbal and written alternative behaviors that support self-management of healthy blood pressure, in addition to medication adherence.”