Recognition Program

The Target: BP Recognition Program celebrates physician practices and health systems, who treat patients with hypertension, for achieving blood pressure control rates at or above 70 percent within the populations they serve. These achievements will ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of Americans who suffer heart attacks and strokes.

Levels of Recognition

There will be two levels of recognition in 2017. The program will be expanded to include additional levels and more quality measures in subsequent years.



    of patients with blood
    pressure controlled to
    <140/90 in 2016.


    Recognizes health care
    systems for registering
    with Target: BP and
    submitting data.

Data Submission

The data submission process should be as seamless as possible. Evaluation data include:

  • Total adult population by age
  • Total adult patient population by ethnicity (optional)
  • Total number of adult patients with hypertension
  • Total number of adult patients with controlled hypertension

If you registered prior to March 27, 2017, you will need to register on the new data submission website.

Data will be submitted once a year during a set period of time. During 2017 this period of time is tentatively set between March and July. Participants will be notified of recognition status by October 2017.

Promoting Recognition

Practices and health systems will be recognized during AHA’s Scientific Sessions and/or during the AMA’s Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates. Notifications will be posted on the Target: BP website and publicized via national media. Additional details are forthcoming.

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