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Evidence-based BP Activities

Organizations attesting to four of the six evidence-based BP activities will be eligible to receive the Silver or Gold+ award.

Activities include:

Equipment calibration & validation

Staff knowledge & skills

System of care

Each participating organization will be required to submit control rate data and attest to the evidence-based BP activities to be eligible for the awards. Each organization is only eligible to receive one award: Participant*; Silver for meeting 4 of 6 evidence-based BP activities; Gold for control rates ≥ 70%; or Gold+ for meeting 4 of 6 evidence-based BP activities and having control rates ≥ 70%. *Only first-time data submitters will be eligible for the Participant award.

The Target: BP Recognition Program was designed for health care organizations that diagnose and manage patients with hypertension, so this eligibility criteria will be enforced.

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