Evidence-based BP Activities

Organizations attesting to four of the six evidence-based BP activities will be eligible to receive the Silver or Gold+ award.

Activities include:

Equipment calibration & validation

  1. Calibrate all BP measurement devices per manufacturer recommendation including manual aneroid or oscillometric, semi-automated, or fully automated (see 2019 AHA Scientific Statement: Measurement of BP in Humans)
  2. If using semi/fully automated devices, check the US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL™) or other reliable source (Hypertension Canada, Stride BP, British and Irish Hypertension Society) to see if they are validated for clinical accuracy and report the percent of devices that are currently validated

Staff knowledge & skills

  1. Strengthen BP measurement knowledge of all staff who measure BP and who train staff to measure BP in your clinic every 6-12 months using:
  2. Test staff skills every 6-12 months using the Technique Quick Check Tool OR similar objective skill demonstration assessment

System of care

  1. Use a blood pressure measurement protocol to consistently obtain accurate BP measurements including confirmatory measurements through repeat in-office BP measurements – OR – ambulatory blood pressure monitoring – OR – home blood pressure monitoring with self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) when indicated
  2. Post the In-Office BP Measurement Infographic next to every place where blood pressures are taken

Each participating organization will be required to submit control rate data and attest to the evidence-based BP activities to be eligible for the awards. Each organization is only eligible to receive one award: Participant*; Silver for meeting 4 of 6 evidence-based BP activities; Gold for control rates ≥ 70%; or Gold+ for meeting 4 of 6 evidence-based BP activities and having control rates ≥ 70%. *Only first-time data submitters will be eligible for the Participant award.

The Target: BP Recognition Program was designed for health care organizations that diagnose and manage patients with hypertension, so this eligibility criteria will be enforced.