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Webinar – 2018 Target: BP Recognition Program Date: 2018

Expert Q&A



  • Webinar – Measure Accurately

    This webinar, presented on August 10, 2017, provides an overview of principles and techniques to ensure accurate blood pressure measurement in your practice. Closed captioning for the video is coming soon.

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  • Webinar – 2018 Target: BP Recognition Program

    Webinar featuring experts who will walk you through the data submission process, as well as review updated tools that help streamline the steps your staff must follow to be successful.

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  • Million Hearts


    Willie E. Lawrence Jr., MD, FAHA, FACC
    Scientific Sessions 2016

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  • Million Hearts

    Million Hearts

    Janet Wright, MD, FACC
    Scientific Sessions 2016

    Case studies based on using team-based practices that are the core of Target: BP program.

  • Doctor’s Medical Center

    Reducing the HBP Gap Among Minority Groups

    Claudio Miceieli, M.P.H. - Doctors Medical Center
    Scientific Sessions 2016

    Case study on how DMC primary care group have reached success in treating HBP among minority groups in Miami, Florida by integrating their clinicians expertise with a robust EHR system, population health management strategy, team-based approach(PCMH), and evidence-based medicine (AHA’s HBP treatment algorithm).

    Presentation Slides (PDF 914KB)

  • Department of Family Medicine

    Getting the Entire Health Team Involved

    R. Bruce Hanlin, MD, FAAFP - Greenville Health System (GHS)
    Scientific Sessions 2016

    Case study on how success can be achieved quickly by using a team-based approach with an emphasis on customized training for residents, nurses and established physicians complimented with the use of a documented approach with the AMA’s M.A.P. tools.

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  • Kaiser Permanente

    Joel Handler, MD. - Southern California Permanente Medical Group
    Scientific Sessions 2016

    Kaiser Permanente has already achieved success and help set the standard for maintaining blood pressure control with a team-based approach. This case study will talk about their learnings and the role of the Target: BP initiative and the importance of recognition.

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